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Flexo Printing Machine, ZBS-450 (4/5/6 Colors)

1.This ZBS-450 flexo printing machine varies in printing with 4 to 6 colors. It specially adopts the ceramic anilox roll for transfer the inks.
2. Apart from the control of magnetic powder brakes and clutches, its unwinding and rewinding units are also controlled by Mitsubishi automatic tension controller.
3. The printing plate of each printing unit allows 360 degree adjustment, and a series of hot air dryers is mounted for printing units.
4. With one die-cutting station, this flexo printing machine can accomplish the material feeding, printing, vanishing, drying, laminating, die cutting and rewinding in one process. It is ideal for printing trade invoice, top grade adhesive label and other products.
5. As the machine stops, the ink rollers that are automatically separated from the printing roller will keep running at low speed, preventing the ink from drying.
6. The main motor of the flexo printing machine is collocated with imported continuously variable frequency speed governor, ensuring its stable performance.

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