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Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine, ZX-320

Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine, ZX-320

Distinct features
1. This intermittent PS label offset printing machine employs the latest German servo control system Rexroth, Bosch and operation system which ensures the stabilization of printing material during printing process. In the meantime, there is no need to exchange the printing roller. The printing work is easy, convenient and quick.

2. Printing unit
Superior quality heavy offset printing unit is used in our intermittent PS plate label offset printing machines. The printing unit is composed of 19 ink rollers and 4 water rollers. It has good ink transferring system and can effectively prevent the streak and ghost image troubles. Hence, our label offset printing machinery produces finer and clearer images comparing with flexo or letterpress printers.

3. Shaftless transmission system
Each printing unit is driven by an independent servo motor. There are totally 13 servo motors (for 5colors) in our intermittent PS label offset printing machine. This designed ensures accurate color registering during high speed operation.

4. Pre-registration system
By input the desired printing length through the main control panel beforehand, each printing unit will be able to work to the preset position automatically. This greatly saves time and printing material during color registering process.

5. Color registering system
Traditional printing equipment requires operators to adjust the vertical and horizontal movements of each printing unit. Our offset printing machine utilizes independent motors to control, thus saving labor force and raw material.
Meanwhile, this PS label printing machine is equipped with a static image monitoring device BST brand to assist in the vertical and horizontal color registering through the main control panel. All these together largely improves the printing quality and capacity.

6. Super large printing area
Max. printing area: 300×350mm
This PS plate label offset printing machine utilizes a high precision photoelectrical tracking system to ensure overprinting on both sides. So, this label printing machine is able to produce wide variety of labels.

7. Each printing unit of our offset printing equipment is designed with a clutch device. This design assists in operation simplicity and extends machinery service life.

8. Multi options
Flexo varnishing unit, semi-rotary die-cutting unit, cold foiling system, unwinder with BST web-guider, corona treatment, ink remote control system, online angle adjustment system, etc, are all optional.

9. Designed with touch control computer, 12 inch operation display, powerful human computer dialogue system, instant display of trouble signal and multi-aspect inspection display interface, etc., this label offset printing machine is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

10. Low cost
Our intermittent PS label offset printing machine provides us an economical printing solution. For instance, there is no need to replace the printing roller and the 4-color printing plate costs not more than 5 USD. Hence, this printing equipment is ideal for small quantity, medium quantity and even large quantity printing tasks.

This label offset printing machine adopts intermittent PS plate printing technique. It provides an ideal solution for producing high grade adhesive labels. Are you looking for adhesive label printing machinery? If YES, please contact with us immediately. This intermittent PS plate label offset printing machine is an ideal choice.

Main technical specifications

Printing speed 50-180impressions/min
Printing colors 4-9 colors
Max. printing speed 350mm
Max. web width 320mm
Max. printing width 300mm
Max. unwinding diameter 800mm
Max. rewinding diameter 600mm
Power supply Three phase, 380V
Total power 33.6kw, for 5colors
Printing machine dimension 8850mm×1600mm×1850mm(L×W×H) (for 5colors)
Weight Approx. 9.5t(for 5colors)

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