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Offset Printing Machine, ZX-320

Offset Printing Machine, ZX-320

Distinct Features
1. This ZX-320 offset printing machine is configured with the latest German servo control system Rexroth Bosch and operation system, ensuring the stability of printing materials in printing process. It supports intermittent label feeding mode. There is no need to change the printing roller at all. Thus, this product offers easy, convenient and quick printing.

2. Our printer adopts the superior quality heavy offset printing unit that is composed of 19pcs ink rollers and 4pcs water rollers. Due to the preeminent ink transferring system, it gets the image printed without streak and ghost. Compared with flexo or letterpress printers, this offset printer achieves more exquisite and distinct images.

3. Different from the traditional printer with manual adjustment for the vertical and horizontal movements of each printing unit, our offset printing machine adopts 13 independent servo motors for 5 colors to drive the 13 printing units respectively. It also reduces the labor force and raw materials.

4. Moreover, this product is also equipped with a static image monitoring device of BST brand to assist in vertical and horizontal color registering accurately through the main control panel during high speed operation. All these devices mentioned help to improve the printing quality and capacity effectively.

5. Users can input the expected printing length through the main control panel beforehand. Then every printing unit will get ready at the preset position automatically. Thus it saves much time and printing materials in the color registering process.

6. This offset printing machine is capable of printing on large area, namely 300mm×350mm at maximum. Configured with high precision photoelectrical tracking system, it keeps overprinting on both sides and is able to produce a wide variety of labels.

7. Each printing unit is designed with a clutch, simplifying the operation and extending the operating life of the printer.

8. This offset printing machine can be configured with a series of optional devices, such as flexo varnishing unit, semi-rotary die cutting unit, cold foiling system, screen printing machine, unwinder with BST web guider, corona treatment, ink remote control system, online angle adjustment system, etc.

9. Under the control of touch screen computer with a 12 inch operation display, this product is also equipped with powerful human computer dialogue system, instant display of trouble signal and multi-aspect inspection display interface. It features easy operation and convenient maintenance.

10. Our offset printing machine gives users an economical printing solution. For instance, there is no need to replace the printing roller. The 4-color printing plate costs no more than USD 5. Hence, it is ideal for small, medium and even large quantity printing tasks.

Main Advantages
Compared with other printing equipment, the ZX-320 offset printing machine has lots of advantages.

1. Low Printing Cost
One PS plate costs less than USD 1. For CMYK printing, the product only costs less than USD 5, while the letterpress and flexo printers will cost at least USD100.

2. High Quality
The machine is good at dot printing and half tone printing with superior printing quality of 200LPI or 350LPI. However, the flexo and letterpress equipment can only print 175LPI at maximum.

3. Low Ink Consumption
The offset printing machine for 4 color offers better printing quality than 6 or 7 colors letterpress and flexo machine. If it consumes 2kg ink, the flexo and letterpress machine will consume 3kg ink.

4. Low Waste of Material
In the whole printing process, flexo or letterpress printer may waste about 80m to 150m materials, while our machine only wastes 30m to 50m materials.

Due to the intermittent PS plate printing technique, this machine is ideal for printing medium and high grade adhesive labels, and it is also applied to short run and long run printing. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.

Next is the detailed introduction of the machine made by Weigang Machinery, a professional manufacturer and supplier of printing machinery based in China.


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