Die Cutting Machine ,ZM-320

Die Cutting Machine ,ZM-320

This ZM-320 die cutting machine imports the latest Rexroth-Bosch servo and control system from Germany. Its patent die cutting system supports rotary and semi-rotary cutting based on the requirements of production.

Different from the traditional intermittent type, the semi-rotary electric cutter keeps the same working tension for the unwinder, wed guider and rewinder so that the materials will not drift off while die cutting. Moreover, this semi-rotary die cutting unit is mounted with a big magnetic cylinder, which is convenient for changing dies for different applications.

The die cutting machine features high rotating speed, high precision and efficiency, easy operation and low cost. It is suitable for various die cutting tasks including small or large scale. For the large scale production, users can change the magnetic roller properly so as to improve the die cutting quality and output.

Our product is committed to making maximum profit for you, and it is an ideal converting machine for the printing house.

Main Equipment

Description Quantity and Brand
Controller 1piece Rexroth Bosch (German)
Servo drive 1piece Rexroth Bosch (German)
Main motor ≥4pieces Rexroth Bosch (German)
Inverter 2pieces Schneider (France)
Touch screen 1 piece Weinview (China Taiwan)
Following photocell switch 1piece SICK (German)
Web-guiding system 1set BST (German)
Contactor 1piece Schneider (France)

Technical Parameters

Max. die-cutting speed (rotary) 120m/min.
Max. die-cutting speed (semi-rotary) 65m/min.
Max. die-cutting length (rotary) 190.5-539.75mm
Max. die-cutting length (semi-rotary) 100-350mm
Max. die-cutting width 300mm
Max. web width 320mm
Max. unwinding diameter 700mm
Max. rewinding diameter 600mm
Die-cutting accuracy +0.1mm
Slitting width ≥20mm
Power supply 380V, 3P
Weight 2400kg
Dimension 3.22m×1.68m×1.66m
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