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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Weigang Machinery Company, a China based printing machine and converting machine manufacturer. Zhejiang Weigang Machinery Company, Ltd., formerly known as Ruian Donghai Printing Machinery Company, was founded in 1997. Over the past decade, we have gained much experience in printing equipment manufacturing and development and are now a member of the Printing Technology Association of China.

We offer not only printing machines, but also die cutting machines, slitting machines and inspecting machines, which are often used in combination with printing presses.
Superior quality, reasonable prices and considerate service have helped us to expand our market. We now have a customer base in the United States, Argentina, Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, and Japan, among many others.

Our credo
Although competition in the printing equipment industry is increasingly fierce, we will always adhere to our principles of being an environmentally responsible company. That is to say, our mission is not restricted to simply providing customers with quality products and services; we also support GREEN printing and we work to develop totally GREEN printing machines.
We believe that environmental aspects and product safety are an integral part of our systematic product development process. So, we hold all our activities in accordance with the sustainable development model and continual improvement principle. As for product production, we identify and implement safely operable, cost-saving, eco-friendly, and social responsible solutions throughout their whole life, from manufacture and disposal.
Meanwhile, we are also striving to actively involve our raw material suppliers and global business partners in our efforts to achieve these aims.

Business and service
We specialize in manufacturing printing machinery, including offset printing machines, flexo printing machines, and silk screen printing machines. We also provide die cutting machines, slitting machines and inspecting machines, which are usually used in combination with printing presses. All of our products are CE certified, so you can feel secure in purchasing them.

Delivery times vary with product category and quantity. Generally, our offset printing equipment is ready for delivery in 3 months, flexo presses in 40 days, screen printing presses in 40 days, die cutting machinery in 30 days, and slitting machines and label inspection machines in 20 days.
All of our products come with a 12 month warranty and lifelong maintenance, as well. Our printing equipment, die cutting equipment, slitting equipment, etc., all use highly advanced electronic elements. Spare parts are typically available locally, or we can provide rush service, as needed.

Research and Development
As a specialized printing machine manufacturer in China, we are constantly improving our printing equipment to meet the diversified requirements of the label production industry. Zhou Bingsong, chairman and Chief Engineer of our company, designed and developed the first stack-type flexographic printing machine in 1999. As a result of years of research and development, our printing machines are able to provide highly precise color registration and high quality printed products.
In 2005, Mrs. Zhou Bingsong designed our first intermittent PS plate label offset printing machine. In 2008, the first semi-rotary web-fed label printing equipment of China was launched at the 2008 South China Printing Machinery Exhibition, which became the focus of all printing machinery manufacturers, vendors, and purchasers. This highly advanced label printing machine was developed through the joint efforts of our company and BOSCH.

Our company is located in Wenzhou, near the East China Sea, international airports, railways, highways, etc., so it is easy for customers to choose the best mode of transportation to visit us, or to ship their products. We would be glad to receive your inquiries and orders on our printing machines, slitting machines, die cutting machines, inspecting machines, etc. We welcome you to visit us, as well.

Contact Us

Zhejiang Weigang Machinery Co., Ltd.

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