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Label Inspection Machine

    1. Label Inspection Machine, EM-320Designed with automatic meter and piece counting system and intelligent mechanical structure, our label inspection machine offers stable running, easy operating and high speed clockwise or anticlockwise rotation adjusted by inverter.
    1. Label Inspection Machine, EM-450This EM-450 label inspection machine is suitable for cooperating with the label printing and die-cutting machines to inspect the quality of printing and die-cutting. In smart mechanical structure, it is easy to operate and run stably. Moreover, there is an automatic meter counting and piece counting system mounted inside.
    1. Label Inspecting Machine, EM-520The EM-520 label inspecting machine is the accessorial equipment for label printing and die-cutting machines for inspecting the quality of printing and die cutting. It is equipped with automatic label counter.

Label Inspection Machine

Label inspection machines, a kind of post-press equipment, are designed for inspecting the quality of printed labels. A label inspection machine is usually used in combination with a label printing machine and a die cutting machine.

Weigang Machinery Company is a professional label inspection machine manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our label inspection machines are rationally designed and have high efficiency, simple operation and stable performance.

Located in a coastal port city, our company is provided with convenient sea, land and air transportations. Hence, we are able to provide products at lower prices as a result of our lower transportation costs for raw materials. Meanwhile, we are also committed to improve our product quality. We implement strict incoming quality controls to guarantee raw materials qualities. During production, we also carry out strict quality assurance system. Now, all our products are CE certified. So, customers can feel secure in choosing our label inspection machines, and any other product as well.

Apart from label inspection machines, we can also provide flexo printing equipment, offset printing presses, and die cutting machines, etc. They are all highly appraised by customers from the United States, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Japan, among totally 50 countries. If you have need on any of our products, please contact us by email or call us directly. We are pleased to cooperate with our valued customers globally.

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