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Offset Printing Machine

    1. Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine, ZX-320This intermittent PS label offset printing machine employs the latest German servo control system Rexroth, Bosch and operation system which ensures the stabilization of printing material during printing process. In the meantime, there is no need to exchange the printing roller. The printing work is easy, convenient and quick.
    1. Offset Printing Machine, ZX-320This ZX-320 offset printing machine is configured with the latest German servo control system Rexroth Bosch and operation system, ensuring the stability of printing materials in printing process. It supports intermittent label feeding mode. There is no need to change the printing roller at all. Thus, this product offers easy, convenient and quick printing.

Main Advantages
Comparing with other printing solutions, a web offset printing machine has lots of advantages.
1. Low printing cost
One PS plate is less than 1 dollar, so for a job such as CMYK job, the offset printing machine only cost less than 5 dollars, while other printing solutions such as letterpress and flexo machine cost at least USD100 for CMYK job.
2. High quality
The offset machine is good for dot printing and half tone printing, no matter 200LPI or 350LPI, and it can offer super printing quality.
However, the flexo and letterpress can only print 175LPI to a maximum degree.
3. Less ink consume
4 colors offset machine can print better quality than 6 or 7 colors letterpress and flexo machine. And if an offset printing machine consumes 2kg ink, the flexo and letterpress machine will consume 3kg ink.
4. Material saving
From the beginning to the coming out of the final product, flexo machine or letterpress may waste around 80-150m materials, while offset only wastes 30-50m materials.
5. Time saving
From the beginning to the coming out final product, flexo machine or letterpress may take around 1hour or more, while offset machine only takes around 15-30mins.

Our ZX-320 offset printing machine is an ideal press for the printing of medium and high quality labels, and it can also be applied to short run and long run printing.

Next, we will give a detailed introduction of the (web)offset printing machine produced by Weigang Machinery Company, a printing machinery manufacturer and supplier based in China.

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