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Flexo Printing Machine, ZBS-320G (3/4/5/6 Colors)

1. This ZBS-320G flexo printing machine gets each printing unit mounted with printing plate that can be adjusted within 360 degree.
2. It uses the ceramic anilox cylinder for ink transfer.
3. There are totally three rotary die-cutting stations, namely the first and second stations applicable for double side die cutting and the third die-cutting station for sheeting or slitting printed materials.
4. In the standard configuration of the flexo printing machine, the web-guiding system under the control of computer is installed in the front of printing unit, keeping the material in the right position.
5. Users can select the optional conveyer system, which can work with the third die cutting station to deliver the printed products orderly
6. The automatic magnetic powder tension controller is adopted to control the unwinding and rewinding units. Moreover, there is a double rewinding unit for selection as required.
7. Optional static image monitoring device is capable of inspecting the image quality at high speed printing.
8. The ink rollers can be separated from the printing roller automatically when the machine stops. Yet they can keep rotating at low speed to prevent the ink from drying.
9. Our product utilizes the imported inverter and advanced motor with continuously variable frequency speed controller.
10. The flexo printing machine is easy to operate. It can finish material feeding, printing, varnishing, drying, laminating, die cutting, rewinding and sheeting at one stroke.

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