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Our main products are ZX-320 intermittent label offset printing machine, ZJR-330 modular flexo printing machine(sleeve type), ZBS series flexo printing machine, WQM series flat bed die-cutting machine, WQ series silk screen printing machine, ZM series rotary/semi rotary die-cutting machine and ZB series auto inspecting machine. Our ZJR series flexo printing is also the initiate of China after our ZX-320 offset printer.

The company currently has 229 workerswith college diploma or above 36.5%; high school 49.2%; middle school 14.2%, and 87% workers has the working license. There are 52 technical talentsdirectly engaged in research and development.

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  • 143700㎡ Scale
  • 7000 Global Users
  • 98% Customer Satisfaction
  • Pre-sales service

    For the ZX-320 offset printing machine and ZBS series flexo printing machine, we can offer free samples and bear the freight upon customer request, because we believe that all the customers that need samples take this purchase thing seriously, so they deserve our respect and cooperation.

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  • In-sales service

    If the accessories of the purchased machine were found defective within one year, starting from the delivery date, we would offer free exchange service. Even if the accessories are damaged by the customer accidentally, we will also consider providing such service.

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  • After-sales service

    Generally speaking, the warranty period of our machines is one year. We insist on consistent service and attitude towards our products within the warranty period or not. The only difference is that we can offer free exchange service for some spare parts within the warranty period.

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About Weigang

Thank you for your interest in Weigang Machinery Company, a China based printing machine and converting machine manufacturer. Zhejiang Weigang Machinery Company, Ltd., formerly known as Ruian Donghai Printing Machinery Company, was founded in 1997. Over the past decade, we have gained much experience in printing equipment manufacturing and development and are now a member of the Printing Technology Association of China.

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